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As one reviewer put it from, “With exceptional sales in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA, plus mass coverage from MTV, Radio One and Kiss FM, Born 2 B is a recognised member of the U.K. Rap fraternity.”

In the book publication “Ninja Tune – Two Decades Of Mixes And Mash-Ups”, Ninja Tune / Coldcut co-founder Matt Black talks about the first Ninja Tune hit that featured the lead Rap of Born 2 B and launched the career of Blue Note Records’ Hip-Hop Jazz Outfit US3: “A journalist called Geoff Wilkinson reviewed DJ Food and said that he loved all the jazz breaks but suggested we put a rap on it. We asked if he knew anyone suitable and he made a track – NW1 and Born 2 B’s “The Band Played the Boogie”. On the basis of that they signed to Blue Note and became US3. We were a bit gutted actually! But that showed us that there was pop mileage in what we were doing and that it was a direction that perhaps had bigger appeal than we realised.” In short, if you are a fan of the legendary Ninja Tune Records, Hip-Hop Jazz Group Us3 or love the sounds of Hip-Hop with a smooth blend of Jazz, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, Reggae or UK Grime, Born 2 B is a must have for your collection.

On hearing his new album, the Manager of UrbanElitePR recently said: “Very interesting & well put together incorporating the different musical styles, it does put me in mind of the kind of releases for which Ninja Tune became known. It’s also a really good title because both lyrically and musically, it “feels” very English, and as I say there’s traditions there via the likes of Ninja Tune. With that incorporation of various genres, my feeling is it moves beyond the specific “hip hop” market, or anything pigeonholed as “grime”, but has a broader potential within the urban / independent marketplace”. His powerful storylines, sometimes comical, sometimes serious, however always managing to deliver a moral story using a backdrop of growing up and living life in the Council Estates and dark streets of Suburban London.

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